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How To Make Money With Domain Parking


A great way to make dollars is with a parked domain. It is easy to handle and with less complexities. The question is that, how much money you will make by domains parking? It depends on the total number of domains you are managing, the nice and quality of your domains, the amount of traffic or visitors that your domain attracts and how beautifully you optimized your domains for SEO or Search Engine Websites. If you have a good generic domain names that attracts a lot of traffic and you would like to make money from them then consider the domain parking with any company.

Steps to Domain parking:

First step is to register a domain name. It is simply to protect your brand. You can also buy domain names similar to first one to protect your brand name being stolen.

Another step is to buy a domain name for starting your business and in order to create a website and start making money by selling products on it.
People can buy domain and park them for making money. Every site that provide domain parking also offers the advertisement like Pay Per Click, so whenever an user clicks on that ad you will receive money for the same.

Optimize your domain and website to get more traffic. Design your website according to your niche and get SEO optimization in order to have more traffic on your domain.

Register a domain name so that you can resell it again. Buy a domain with a certain price and resell it to those who offer you a better and more prices on its name. You can easily get the buyers in the market that would pay you more dollars to have that domain name.
Here is the list of few popular domains parking websites:



Most of domain parking websites provides this service free of cost. Sign up with your domain parking company and follow the instruction to list your domains and change the DNS from your domain name to the parking company name. If you want to get 100% of domain parking revenue then let the developers create a domain parking software for you. D-Park Pro is software for domain parking and serving the people since last 10 years. It can park your website with as many pages as you want, and provide you 100% of money you make from advertisement. Besides of this, you need to take care of few things before you start domains parking like in choosing your niche for your domain, rules that some domain parking websites provide.

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  1. James park Says:

    I have couple of websites which are doing pretty good business and they also brought a good number of visitors to my business sites and personal blogs. I can use your advice for domain parking to earn extra buck, thanks for this business advice.






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