How to Make Money As a Notary Public

How to Make Money As a Notary Public


Notaries are the person who has the power to affix a seal to any document, to certify the signatures, and to witness the signing of documents etc. It’s a very simple procedure in which signer provides his identification to notary, who provides the proof that they have witnessed the signing. It all takes only few minutes and notary public can charge for each document they validate. Everyone who is interested in self employment and has the skill provides a perfect chance to make money. The most important thing is that anyone can become a notary public and can start making dollars with this profession.

Notary Public

How to become a Notary Public:

Notaries are certified through their state government. The process is very simple and certain certification and fee must be met. The cost will be negotiable and you become a notary public and doing so can open a new self employed source of income.

Why to choose this as a source of income?:

Being a notary public is a great opportunity to make money. Everyone needs their important document such as bank documents, court documents, car deeds, and land deeds etc. to be signed. So notary public is always in demand and you can do this as your full time or part time work.

Tips to get more success and make more money:

Never forget to promote yourself out there. Place ads, put sign boards, or create phone book to reach and get the customers easily. You can also have a website for your service, advertise on social networking sites, and get a classified area in local news papers. Make yourself available as freelance signing agents and you can easily make extra revenues as a notary public. You can also become a mobile notary public and provide your service at home of customers. The National Notary Association provides online training, certifications and other services for notaries.

Get your name out there and let people know more about your notary services. Create articles, web contents, and other internet sources and put all these on your website. Properly optimize your website and get searched by customers with search engine websites.

Travel as much as you can to provide your notary service and get noticed by people. It will help you to get you customers from outside your area. You can charge more from these customers and make extra dollars. Establish and maintain contact and try to chase big clients. Leave your business cards, your brochure which explains your services and costs.


If you want a self employed profession to make money, willing to work part time, generate a new source of income then being a notary public is one of the best choice you have. Peoples need a notary service for many reasons. They need their important document to be verified by notary public. Charge as maximum as you can for your trouble, distance and time. Promote yourself on internet, news paper and other social resources to get more customers. Once you have a large contact list and well set up notary business, you will be going to make a large money with this profession.

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  1. chris kenly Says:

    This is really a good profession who are seeking for self employment opportunities but may I know what is the success rate in becoming notary public agent,. Is there proper growth after achieving some revenue from the business? I am not interfering here but asking for more details like where to start this program and how many people can join this profession.






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