Best WordPress SEO Plugins For 2013

  • October 12, 2013
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Best WordPress SEO Plugins For 2013


The WordPress is a CMS (Content Management Platform) to design and develop all kind of blogs and websites. It is easy to handle and offers very much flexibility to users. WordPress uses different kind of plugins to add more features into your website and to make it more user friendly and for different many other features. SEO, which is also known as Search Engine Optimization used to provide your website on the top of search engine’s results. In WordPress CMS there are a lot of these kinds of plugins available which offer SEO for your website.

Wordpress SEO Plugin

1. WP SEO:

The plugin is offered by the developers of Yoast. This single plugin is offering so many features which you can use into your each post. The most important thing is that all the features of this plugin are available for free to all WordPress users. It will additionally organize your title, Meta code and description to offer you more click along with higher page ranking on search engines. Before installing this plugin you must understand the proper procedure to install and all the features this plugin is providing to you.

2. All In One SEO:

AIO plugin is pretty much similar to the WP SEO plugin but AIO is better in use and configuration is very simple and easy to handle. Over 13 million downloads of this plugin assure to use of it. To get more SEO features you might need to install some additional plugin along with AIO. This plugin offers better content management for your website.

3. W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache:

These plugins are used to reduce the page losding time of your website by offering the cache content to the visitor. It creates the static pages from your dynamic website and shows the user, without running the heavy PHP script of WordPress. These plugins improve the user experience which is really good for SEO point of view. You may select any one of them according to your requirement.


It is a very impressive plugin which reduces the size of images on the website. It is also used to reduce the loading time of web pages. Just install the plugin into your WordPress website and activate the plugin and it’s done.

5. Upp Site:

Upp Site plugin is used to improve the user experience and make your website various device friendly. It can also offer the features better than the responsive themes. It converts your WordPress website into similar to mobile app for mobile browsers using HTML 5 coding. The plugin offers faster page loading, better navigation, better content engagement which in totality improves the user experience and so SEO too.

6. WP Touch:

Wp Touch also make your WordPress website mobile friendly. It will make your website compatible with different screen size devices and improves the user experience. It also offers better ajax loading which is really good to improve SEO.  There are some other WordPress plugins are also available which you can use according to your SEO requirement. Schema Creator, which is a plugin used to easily build and get started with microdata. Google Authorship is another plugin which offers the authorization of your content and shows your Google+ profile photo attached with the search engines results, if your post gets searched by Google.

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