Clickbooth Launches RevContent: What You Need To Know

  • November 8, 2013
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Clickbooth Launches RevContent: What You Need To Know

Advertising is a very important element for any business to get the needed exposure and gain a larger market share. Ads come in many different forms. However, gone are the days when advertising are mainly read on newspapers and related publications or heard on the radio and as seen on TV. Ads today are focused on individuals in a more up close and personal basis by the use of the internet. As we all know, the internet makes it possible for us to use smart phones, tablets, and computers for shopping, navigating, searching and so on. Placing ads in websites is perhaps the most effective way of advertising today and this is where Clickbooth comes in.

Clickbooth RevContent

What Is Clickbooth?

Clickbooth is an affiliate network that provides both advertiser solutions and publisher solutions. We offer a new breed of media buying with our innovative methods to affiliate marketing. Clickbooth creates the bridge for businesses and internet marketers to create a win-win marketing solution for both parties. With Clickbooth, you can maximize revenue generation with our progressive full-service management platform that works for both publishers and advertisers. Clickbooth will manage your online campaign and improve your status in the online marketplace.

Why Clickbooth?

If you haven’t heard of affiliate marketing, it’s one of the popularly used online advertising schemes today. Affiliate marketing is when you are doing advertising for a particular business wherein your site or blog’s objective is to boost your client’s business. To process is similar to lead generation but is a simpler method wherein it wouldn’t need telemarketing. It uses an ad code or referral link wherein the ad or link will lead to the client’s site which is usually where the reader could order the client’s product or services. Any successful sale would give the affiliate a commission fee which would be income, a win-win marketing strategy to both the affiliate marketer and the business.

Clickbooth offers this kind of online marketing to both parties as mentioned above. There are other similar affiliate marketing solutions and you might be thinking why you should go with Clickbooth? Clickbooth offers a lot of benefits for advertisers and publishers. Clickbooth will help publishers to dominate their market using RevContent. RevContent will give the publisher exclusive placement to our trusted partners in their premium sites. Our partners include ABC news, ESPN, NBC news, Fox news, Yahoo!, White Pages, Bright House Networks, and many more. These are titans in the virtual world that have a huge influence in almost all online markets and having a wide audience as well.

Aside from that, RevContent will help you gain unlimited reach with a global scale that will surely maximize your ROI, boost traffic and in turn boost sales for the target business. For advertisers, RevContent guarantees brand protection. RevContent uses the industry’s leading eCPMs that is advanced and superior to our current competitors. So wait no further! Check out Clickbooth today and maximize the potential of your website as a publisher or your business as an advertiser. Check out our free offers; get started for as low as $25! Expand your audience or monetize your content with Clickbooth today!

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