Life Forms In Mars Crater? Curiosity Rover Discovery

Mars Crater May Have Supported Microbial Life Forms

The NASA Mars Curiosity Rover has made another amazing discovery in the form of an ancient lake that may at one time supported microbial life. The lake the Curiosity Rover has found is shallow and about the size of the Finger Lakes in New York. The lake on Mars had low salinity and all the other ingredients for supporting life. NASA soil mineralogist Douglas Ming said, Is this a smoking gun that this was a habitable environment? There’s pretty good evidence for that. We have an environment that is very much like on Earth.”

It’s pretty amazing what we are finding with slow moving, relatively dumb rovers on Mars. Imagine what we might find if we sent humans to Mars instead of these rovers that can barely explore a 1 mile radius. With the new discovery of an ancient lake bed on Mars it’s time we double our efforts to send humans to Mars. Just think how far we could go if there was the political leadership to get humans to Mars and beyond.

Mars Lake NASA


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    Life forms on Mars.. hmm hope they find the proof.






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