Chang’e 3 China Moon Landing

  • December 16, 2013
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China Lands Chang’e 3 Probe On Moon

If you haven’t heard already China has landed their Chang’e 3 probe on the moon. The ‘Jade Rabbit’ rover is now exploring the surface of the moon. This is a huge day in lunar history as China becomes 1 of the 3 nations to land on the lunar surface. The nations that have landed previously on the moon include of course the United States, USSR, and now China. It’s amazing to think that absolutely no vehicle (That we know of) has landed on the moon since 1976! China is no stranger to its moon aspirations launching it’s first moon orbiter in 2007.

The six wheeled rover will survey the moons geological surface and look for natural resources. China future moon goals ultimately include sending a Chinese astronaut to the moon. In 2020 China plans to build their own Space Station then send an astronaut to the moon. For power the Chang’e 3 using solar panels that successfully deployed after the landing.

Congratulations to China for the successful lunar landing.

Check out these pictures of the China Moon Landing:

China Moon Landing

China Moon Landing


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