BigCommerce 15 Day Test – 1 Sale Challenge

  • December 24, 2013
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Testing Big Commerce For 15 Days

I cam up with this idea last night. Why not test Big Commerce for 15 Days and see if I can make at least one sale. So that’s my goal I’m going to sign up for Big Commerce and see what happens. I want to test if someone can actually make it online with these stores. I have experience building WordPress eCommerce stores and from what I’ve seen these usually do better than the already made stores.

I decided I’m going to create a Big Commerce store selling premium bottle openers.

Sign up process review:

– First I name the store, ‘Bottle Opener Haven’

– Pick my category of items I want to sell

– Enter contact information, user, password

– Site then creates store and wants 2 min. to do it

If you would like to start your own 15 day free trial of Big Commerce click here

Design process:

– Immediately after logging into my account I was able to change store theme

– Next I quickly created a store logo. This is what my logo looks like…

Beer Logo

– Next I edited my “Carousel” scrolling image across home page. The preview on this page is different then when I preview by going directly to my online store. So this is a big issue since the way it looks visiting directory looks very bad.

– Visit my store here it’s starting to come together:

– Added a beer favicon

– Next I’m trying to add products to site and delete old ones. I select the old products, but it’s not letting my delete them. Can’t figure out how to delete default products. So there is another issue I’m facing with the site. After typing the above sentence I went into store and tried to delete again and it let me. So at first it didn’t work, but after waiting 5 minutes it let me delete products.

– Created new category for my product and listed ‘Day Of The Dead Corkscrew.’ Went and deleted old categories. This is what site is looking like so far.

Big Commerce Store 1

Don’t like the look of the site so far. It’s a long ways away.

– Added a new product picture and deleted the old pictures

– Was able to set up credit card payments by simply clicking on the ‘On’ button. Instant credit card set up! Very easy!

– Was able to list item on Google Shopping

– Deleted old brand names that were defaults to the theme

– Added a YouTube video to my product page

I’ve been working on the site for over an hour now. See below to see screenshot of what I have so far. I will stop for today, but I will continue editing site and making it better until hopefully I get a sale. Stay tuned!!

If you would like to start your own 15 day free trial of Big Commerce click here

Store Example 2

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