BigCommerce 15 Day Test – 1 Sale Challenge #2

  • December 27, 2013
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BigCommerce 15 Day Test – 1 Sale Challenge Update #2

This is my second post on the Big Commerce online store one sale challenge. My goal is to create a Big Commerce store and get at least one online sale. I want to see how well these online stores really work. If I do get at least one online sale then I may continue my trial. I think 15 days is more than enough for Big Commerce to prove itself.

I ran into an issue today with logging in my store. I can’t log onto the site using the details I signed up with. I went in to reset the password, but was unable to reset using my e-mail address.

I contacted customer service and they called me back in the morning. BigCommerce customer service left a message and I immediately called them back. There was no answer so I called back again in a couple hours and again there was no answer. I said in the message to e-mail me instructions how to reset my password, but so far no e-mail. I will contact customer service via e-mail again to finally log into my account and start making some much needed updates to my store.

My goal is to spend $0.00 creating the online store so instead of purchasing a new logo I redesigned a logo myself. See logo below:

Big Commerce Logo

I also want to add a lot more product to web site once I’m able to log into site again.

My thoughts so far are Big Commerce is very easy to set up, design, and edit. I’m not very happy with the theme I choose however. If I want to delete the theme all updates to the site will be lost so at this point it’s not worth it.

If you would like to start your own 15 day free trial of Big Commerce click here

My goal in 2014 is to make this blog useful to my readers. I want to actually purchase and test sites that make claims such as make money opening an online store with Big Commerce. It will not only be an interesting read I will also gain knowledge from my failures and successes. My feelings if it was easy everyone would be doing it. Great claims take a ton of proof. I want to find out if these sites actually work. From what I’ve seen is Google is more likely to index you and give you good search rankings if you build an online store from scratch rather than use quick methods such as an online store builder. I want to be proven wrong, we shall see.

Update #3 12-30-13

Called customer service today trying to get my password reset since no e-mail address to password reset is working. Got a message that said Big Commerce is experience higher than normal call volume. I waited on hold 9 minutes until I finally hung up the phone. One positive aspect of the phone call was Big Commerce gives you fun facts about Australia. Still can’t get an answer via e-mail as well on how to reset my password. Apparently I have a “rep” for my site, but so far she’s only called me and left voicemails I can’t get a response through e-mail.

Update #4 01-02-14

I was able to get a response from my rep. from Big Commerce. I logged into the site today and changed the logo. It’s good to be back!

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