Killzone: Shadow Fall Hits 1 Million in Sales Why?

  • December 29, 2013
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Killzone Shadown Fall Hits 1 Million in Sales

It’s crazy to think Killzone Shadown Fall has already topped the 1 million sales mark. It leaves me asking why? May be it’s because there aren’t many games out there for consoles yet.

The news comes from Insiderp that as of December 20th 2013 Killzone Shadown Fall has hit one million in sales worldwide. Approx. 27% alone came from PS4 bundles.

I guess it pays to release your video game early. I for one don’t get it. It further illustrates why it pays to wait to purchase new video game consoles. When they first come out you are paying full price plus there are no supported video games.

Both XBox One and PS4 have sold over 2 million consoles worldwide so do the math how many own Killzone Shadown Fall.

Visit the video game web site here

We shale see in the next few months what new titles come out. I’m looking forward to video games that take advantage of both consoles unique features.

Killzone Shadow Fall

Want to see Killzone gameplay?

I have to admit the graphics do look amazing in this walkthrough.

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