Shopify 14 Day Trial Test Review

  • January 1, 2014
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Shopify 14 Day Test Review: How Did It Go?

If you read this blog frequently you know I’ve been testing ecommerce store building sites. My first test was with Big Commerce online store builder. Unfortunately it’s been almost 2 weeks and I haven’t made a sale yet. I lost my log in information and was unable to get someone at the company to e-mail me. I called Big Commerce as well, but was on hold for around 10 min. until I hang up. As much as I enjoy being on hold I don’t have that kind of time to waste.

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So next I’m going to try Shopify (Don’t confuse with Spotify). My goal as in my first test of Big Commerce is to get at least 1 sale. I don’t think that should be too hard if these store builders are worth the monthly cost.

Sign up process:

– To sign up just go to the web site enter store name, e-mail address, and finally password. Click on “Create your store now.”

– Next Shopify prompts you to enter some personal information and information about store.

Customization process:

– After signing up you can pick a theme for your store. Unfortunately unlike Big Commerce Shopify appears to only offer only 1 theme. Big Commerce offered many different themes. I prefer Big Commerce over Shopify on this point alone.

– Editing the default about us and welcome pages.

– Adding favicon was very easy, but I added logo and for some reason it’s not showing up on the web site.

Adding products:

– I added a product to my Bottle Opener Store in about 2 minutes. Everything was straight forward and simple. See my screen shot of progress so far below:

Shopify Review


– Editing my first blog post. Shopify has an interesting built in blogging feature.

Payment set up:

Payment set up is a lot more complicated than Big Commerce. On Big Commerce site it was literally one click of a button to start accepting credit card payments. On Shopify you need to first give them tons of information before you can accept credit cards.

Also, this is very, very annoying unlike Big Commerce on Shopify, “You must choose a plan and enter your credit card details before checkout is enabled.”


My first impression is Big Commerce store builder is much more advanced, more professional looking, and easier to use. I will continue to make changes and report back to you on On a positive note I see that one can make tons of edits to the theme that Shopify offers including edits directly to the HTML code.

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Here is my finished Shopify web store after day one

Shopify Home Page




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