8 Brilliant Ways to Save Money on Restaurants Bills

  • March 5, 2014
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8 Brilliant Ways to Save Money on Restaurants Bills

How often have you suffered a great expenditure when out on a shopping and had a dinner at a costly restaurant that ultimately ended up making a big hole in your pocket? It is not that the restaurant was expensive, but a little bit of strategic approach could have proved favorable for your budget and controlling expenses. If you are yet to explore the tricks to save money on restaurants bill, read on.

Conduct Search: Some major restaurants such as Pizza Hut have online ordering facilities. Use the menu card of various restaurants to find the details of the prices of different items. This will give you a fair idea as to which place offers food at reasonable rates. If there are coupon facilities available, then you have the additional benefit of saving more money.

Sign Up for Free Newsletters: If you are too particular on dining at any particular restaurant due to the inclination to the taste, you can sign up for free newsletters at websites where information on restaurants are available. These newsletters contain discount coupons, vouchers, newly launched recipes, prices and much more. This can be beneficial for locating a restaurant that offers food at reasonable prices and also planning your budget.

Use Coupon Codes: This is the most fabulous ways to save money going out to eat without compromising with desired food item ordering. Some sources such as LiveSocial and Groupon are the storehouse on coupon codes for every major restaurant. Print your coupons and you can comfortably order your food at a nearest restaurant of your choice.

Explore Happy Hour Offers: Many restaurants have happy hours during a certain point of time in the day say in the afternoon. The meals and package dishes are available at special discounted prices during this time period.

Subscribe to Restaurant Email Lists: Due to high competition, the majority of restaurant authorities invite the customers to share their emails. Subscribing to the email lists will entitle you to the latest menu additions, offers, happy hours, special seasonal offers, food festival offers and much more that you can cherish.

Pay through Credit Cards: The credit card companies often privilege their customers with up to 5 to 20 percent discount on restaurant bills. Check if your credit card is acceptable at the particular restaurant or not.

Take Desserts and Beverages at a Separate Destination: This is a major trick you often miss. The regular restaurants may not have a great stock of desserts. But the prices are relatively high. Hence, you can move out after the main course dinner or lunch to a nearest ice cream parlor where you can find several flavors and options at a cheaper price. You can alternatively try to visit a small coffee shop for tea or coffee to save your bills.

Be Decisive While Ordering: Some people order excessively and then waste a lot of food and money too. Taking multiple courses is not a good idea as the kids may leave the food due to loss of appetite over a soup or first course options.

The above mentioned strategies are ideal for saving a great deal of money on your restaurant bills. Moving out for a lunch or dinner with your family is always a great idea to keep them happy. Now that there are lot many options available to you, you can always explore ways to use tricks to get the best deals.

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