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  • March 14, 2014
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Revitalize Your Soul – The Yogic Way

Amongst the various goals in our busy lives, the most desirable one is to attain permanent peace of mind. Though usually, humans create their own miseries by complicating this simple life with undue stress, anger and irritation; at times, certain unpredictable situations do arise that provoke the latent negative emotions in us. To control the flow of these negativities like worry, anxiety, anger, fear etc, practice yoga.

Yoga is a scientific exercise of uniting the mind, body and the soul in order to heal one’s true inner self and achieve permanent peace of mind. It mainly, consists of Meditation, Asanas (Poses) and Pranayam (Breathing).

Meditation de-stresses the mind and makes it strong, calm, focused and composed. In turbulent conditions, a healthy and relaxed mind helps in overcoming and facing the upheavals positively with a smile which makes meditation an effective way of increasing emotional buoyancy.

Asanas associated with yoga are all about creating and maintaining balance in the body while connecting it to the mind. It builds the strength and stamina of the body muscles, increases its flexibility and develops mental awareness.

Pranayam or Yogic breathing is the practice of controlling one’s breath and is intended to provide more oxygen to the brain and blood vital for health.

Therefore, the system of yoga is the interconnection between the body postures, breathing and meditation which offers a key to complete, eternal harmony.

Treating the body and mind as a whole, yogic science enhances health naturally, acting as a therapeutic for many chronic illnesses and re-establishing the body’s balance. A flexible body, peaceful mind and perfect health is what we look for and this practice makes it easily achievable. It is a proven way for all-round fitness regardless of the type or style of yoga.

Indulge in this practice for-

Inner peace: It releases the stress by focusing the mind on the breathing and body movements, leaving a relaxed, soothing and contented being. A stable mind can withstand various atrocities of day-to-day life with ease and lead to a higher quality of life.

Strengthening muscles and increasing flexibility: The different yogic postures or asanas help in improving the core strength and endurance of the body muscles and relieves various pains or discomforts affecting the body.

Improved energy levels and immunity: The yogic exercises and breathing techniques help in boosting the immunity and in turn, the general vitality of the body.

Increases stamina: Gradually performing more vigorous styles of yoga increases the capacity of standing fatigue or resisting disease thus, promoting health.

Treats various chronic ailments: This scientific art has the magical ability of treating innumerable diseases from anxiety to hypertension, to joint pains, to obesity, to fatigue etc.

Emotional upliftment: Keeping the mind focused on the present helps in detoxifying and
cleansing the soul of all the negative emotions and developing better communications and stronger relationships.

Yoga rejuvenates the mind, strengthens the body and relaxes the spirit. In all, it is the source of escalating the Body-Mind relationship and the path to natural healing.

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