Top 5 Windows Phone Note Taking Apps

  • September 4, 2014
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Top 5 Windows Phone Note Taking Apps

Do you remember the days of having a dozen sticky notes attached to your computer monitor, your calendar or even your desk and window frame? If you needed a certain tidbit of information you would have to hunt for the right sticky note and hopefully you found it without wasting too much time. If you even found it at all.

Fortunately we have our smartphones and tablets synced to the cloud so we can see our notes on any manner of devices ranging from desktop computers to smart televisions. Of course, now we have a problem with fumbling for the right app to take notes, hoping it doesn’t crash and even worse- trying to remember where we saved that note and which app we used to record it. Sometimes we have to wonder if we are truly saving time with the high-tech approach to taking notes!

With all of this in mind it seems like a good idea to quickly go over five of the best note-taking applications available in the Windows Phone app store. The focus will be on note-taking applications that focus on simplicity of use and speed (preferably a good balance of both.) These applications are presented in no particular order (We never really thought ranking things in numerical order was accurate or useful.)

Evernote- This app offers a variety of features such as taking photos to include in your notes and even using your device’s voice recorder to add audio. You can also make lists and enable the notes themselves to be searched.

OneNote- The note-taking program Microsoft offers for Windows 8. It is very powerful and versatile but also a bit complicated for people who need to find and edit a particular note as quickly as possible. This is best used in project management environment and not for taking notes during a professor or supervisor’s presentation. This app offers dictation which translates your speech into readable text.

Hurry Notes- This is the note-taking app for those with a need for some speed. The app is very fast to download thanks to its small file size and more importantly- it opens very quickly compared to bulkier applications. You can get to writing down that phone number or quote price right away and if you need to delete something just swipe the screen. The lined paper background is actually quite useful in keeping lists neat and easy to read.

My Notes- this is a popular note taking app that is functional but not as useful in a high speed situation. While the app lets you do lots of things it can be easy to lose track of a specific file and have to hunt for it in the menu system.
Note+- A note-taking app that is noted for a beautiful interface and relatively simple design. This one is very functional but also not focused on speed note-taking. Some users have complained of losing data after the device goes through a hard reset.

Remember that note-taking apps are best judged by an individual’s needs. Some require a full-featured application while others prefer raw speed and simplicity. This is why it is important to do your research and make your decision based on the kind of application you need and not what others tell you to get.

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