Hack Your Nervous System Through Square Breathing

  • November 17, 2014
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Hack Your Nervous System Through Square Breathing

Breathing Techniques can help calm our bodies in stressful situations, allowing our minds and bodies to relax. During stressful situations we don’t think about what happens to our bodies and only focus on that stress or stressful situation or incident, but breathing techniques will help center and calm your mind so that it doesn’t become overwhelmed. When you practice breathing techniques, you can rejuvenate your circulatory and respiratory systems and counter any unhealthy effects of stress.

Breathing exercises have actually been practiced for thousands of years and are prescribed to patients with numerous disorders like anxiety, depression, GAD, panic attacks and more. They can also help reduce anxiety, irritability fatigue and muscular tension. One popular technique is the box breathing technique, otherwise known as four-square breathing. It’s a simple technique that can be done at any time and is really helpful whenever you’re feeling stressed. And the best thing is that it’s easy to learn. This technique emphasizes breathing control via counts of four, which actually helps your body make full use of the air that you breathe in. The breathing technique is also allows you to work on your chest and abdominal muscles a bit since it requires a strong core.

This type of deep breathing is great for combating travel anxiety or even panic attacks and is great for managing anger. Psychologists actually teach box breathing as a technique to use with mediation since it helps cultivate awareness and lets your thoughts, feelings and sensations around you all come into play to help you feel calmer and more at peace.

When your body is stressed, it has this “fight or flight” response that can cause you to have physical reactions like a rapid hearth beat, trouble breathing, headaches, hold and cold feelings, etc. Breathing counteracts these symptoms and improves your blood flow and indigestion as it helps calm your body down.

To practice box breathing, you first need to inhale your breath slowly for a count of four. After, hold your breath for an equal count of four before you release your breath out all the way via pursed lips, while still counting to four. Before you do anything or say anything, wait another four seconds. Then repeat the cycle a few more times or as long as you need to fully relax. To correctly practice box breathing, you must breathe from your lower belly and not from your upper chest. To make sure that you are breathing correctly, it usually helps to put one of your hands on your abdomen or sides so that you can feel it rise as you breathe in.

To help you during your box breathing session, download the square breathing app for Windows phones https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/apps/square-breathing/9wzdncrdpg8h and it will guide you via step-by-step instructions when you are feeling the most stressed. It’ll help you combat dress and provide you with helpful insight on the technique.

See below for screenshots from the Square Breathing app:

Square Breathing Screen Square Breathing Screen 2

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