Harvard Scientists Discover Meditation’s Profound Benefits

  • November 19, 2014
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Harvard Scientists Discover Meditation’s Profound Benefits

Harvard Scientists have discovered something that was almost a certainty by many of us that practice meditation on a regular basis. Meditation can fight extreme stress levels. Meditation is so powerful that Harvard Scientists discovered that meditation can change the physiology of one’s brain resulting in less anxiety and depression. With these kinds of results instead of doctors first proscribing anti-depressants (1 in 10 Americans) send the patient to a meditation retreat.

The Harvard Study: 

– 24 participants were to practice “mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR)” or meditation for 8 weeks. It’s funny scientists can’t even call it what it is, meditation.

– 2 1/2 hours each week practicing “body scanning, sitting meditation, walking meditation and mindful stretching movements.”

– MRIs performed before and after the 8 week course.

– Each participant answered a survey about their stress and anxiety levels before and after the course.

– The control group practiced no meditation during the 8 weeks.


The comparison demonstrated “an increase of cortical thickness in the right insular lobe and somatosensory cortex” of the meditation group. The part of the brain that controls emotion and perception was thicker after meditation. There was “a significant after-training reduction of several psychological indices related to worry, state anxiety, depression and alexithymia.”

The keyword is significant. With these kinds of results which people who practice meditation have known for centuries everyone should meditate. There is no excuse now not to meditate. It’s just as important to your overall health as physical exercise.

Start meditating!


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