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  • July 14, 2015
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Are you looking for a all-inclusive event application? If the answer is yes Welcome may be the app for you. Good news! The app is free, it gets 5 out of 5 stars in the app store, and even has a few positive testimonials. The company behind this app is Welcome Technologies, Inc. The rise of smartphones has disconnected people from their immediate surroundings. In a moment of boredom, we tend to look down at our palms, and are pulled out of where we are. We’re instantly taken to a different place– be it the faraway beaches of our Instagram feeds or an ex-roommate’s engagement party on Facebook.

What if, instead of pulling us away, our phones helped us be more present, more engaged and more attuned to the events around us? Welcome Technologies is making this happen. They have created a way for event attendees to connect, stay informed, and add to the greater conversation right in the palms of their hands. Instead of technology being a distraction that event organizers battle with for the attention of attendees, they are making it a tool that organizers need.

With Welcome, anyone can create a live feed of all the social media posts for their hashtag, a space for collective files and a way to connect easily on social media, all in a matter of minutes. As plans change, Welcome’s flexibility lets a planner change or add information on the fly. Attendees can even be informed of any last-minute changes or instructions through in-app push notifications. The live feed section of the app creates a common conversation- one everyone can see and participate in. Event planners know how difficult it is to get everyone posting with one event hashtag. But it’s never going to be lost in the shuffle again, as social media posts made through the app include that hashtag automatically.
Welcome is an easy, intuitive way for events to incorporate mobile technology. Every event organizer will undoubtedly find value in using it. Check out Welcome in the App Store. It’s definitely an app worth checking out.

Download the app here:

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