Master Your Time And Productivity With Utiful

  • September 14, 2015
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Master Your Time And Productivity With Utiful

Today we are reviewing the new time and productivity app called Utiful. This app gets a 4.5 out of 5 in the Google Android app store out of 79 reviews. Do you feel annoyed every time you need to find this project and paperwork snap being captured just a week ago but now desperately lost in the mess of your last family vacation photos?

Here comes a great solution putting order in the chaos of photos overflowing in your main photo gallery. Discover how to optimize your photo gallery so you don’t waste countless hours of scrolling and looking for the right project snap. Meet Utiful App!

Utiful is first mobile app providing a separate gallery on your phone for project and paperwork snaps as a handy complement to your main photo gallery.

3 words only- efficiency, productivity, organization!

Utiful efficiently helps people to save time finding their project and paperwork with a blink of an eye. Utiful boosts productivity, avoiding the clutter and arranging your gallery in a smart way. Utiful significantly simplifies the organization of the snaps that we use in our everyday life.

On top, the interface is simple and user friendly, yet smooth and functional. Keeping in mind how important the personal privacy is, Utiful values this personal right and doesn’t require any registration or access to the user’s identity.

The app doesn’t store images outside the phone as well so folder icons in Utiful won’t reveal to prying eyes the last picture added.

How is that for a starter?

Here are the main features that will make this app seamlessly become an integral part of your routine:

– Separate gallery for project and paperwork snaps

– Simple folders in a neat grid, avoiding the complexity of albums, collections, and moments

– Predefined folders for common types of useful snaps, e.g. Paperwork

– Share to Utiful to move the snaps directly from your gallery or camera app

– Camera button in every Utiful folder, to directly add new snaps

– Emoji folder icons that keep the last picture you’ve added away from prying eyes

Tried Utiful already? Don’t hesitate to share your experience with the app in the comments below. We recommend checking the Utiful app out it’s well reviewed and has many useful features.

Visit the Google Play Store for more information:

Utiful App Review

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