Ten Tips To Help You Pick the Right Courier Company For Your Business

  • May 9, 2016
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Ten Tips To Help You Pick the Right Courier Company For Your Business

In the UK alone there are over sixteen thousand courier companies, making the right choice when it comes to the company that will be handling your luggage, parcel or documents can be difficult. Here are ten key factors to consider when making this decision which we here at Fast Lane have formulated.

Door to Door Service Options

No one wants to have to deal with going all the way to the depot or post office to pick up more than one or even one package or parcel. A courier company worth considering is one that eliminates this job for you by offering door to door delivery of your packages.

Includes a Quick Quote Calculator

When sending parcels getting a simple, straight forward quote should not be a difficult task. The homepage of the courier’s website should in fact include an easy to use quite calculator providing you with accurate costs and no hidden fees.

Provides a Volumetric Calculator

Generally the cost of shipping your packages will be based on the weight of the packages or parcels in question, you may however have a very bulky package which does not weigh very much. As with the quick quote calculator a reliable courier company will also provide a simple to use volumetric weight calculator online in order to receive an accurate shipping price.

Something In Return

For the most part a courier company is in the business of taking clients’ money without anything extra in return for their business. You can find all sorts of fetching deals online so search for courier companies which offer benefits in the forms of loyalty and voucher schemes as well as great promotions.


Good courier companies will have plenty of cover and be insured for all eventualities. This could be late arrival of a parcel, motorcycle insurance for their couriers or insurance for lost parcels and packages. Ensure the company you use has plenty of cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

A reliable courier company will have a detailed FAQ section which is easy to find on their web page. This prevents the customer from having to spend unnecessarily as well as waste time on customer service questions and the courier company also saves the courier company money which would have to be spent on staff to handle customer service calls. Money that the courier company saves is beneficial to a customer being as the prices should be reflected accordingly.

How Socially Active Is The Company?

Social media networks such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are great ways to keep in communication with the courier company. Does the company have a presence on these sights? If so are they active with their followers or simply there to pitch sells? Look over comments, questions and answers and find out what kind of a relationship they have with their clientele.

Properly Look Over Reviews

Reviews do not always accurately portray a courier company, if they are a re-seller this is even more true being as a negative review may have taken place due to a parcel delivered late or in a damaged fashion which is not necessarily the sellers fault but probably the fault of the company in charge of delivery so make sure that you carefully with your opinions when going over the reviews.

Online tracking Options

A reliable courier company’s web page should also include an easy to understand tracking system allowing you to find out the location of your package, documents or parcel at any given moment. A courier company that is really good will go as far as offering this application for mobile and desktop devices which makes it even more available and easy to track.

Does The Company Have Agent or Partner Status?

Not only does a company have to have reached a the high levels of consignments required in order to achieve agent or partner status but there are also very high standards of customer services, websites and IT solutions which are strict and stipulated by the TNT and DHL which all have to be met as well. At Fast Lane we are very proud of having received not only TNT Gold Partner status but also full DHL Authorized Agent status.

What Are Their Limits?

There are many courier companies which do not cover the entire world so if you think you found the perfect company inquire as to their limitations. You want a company whose capabilities are global meaning not only that they can send anywhere you need but that they have far more experience when it comes to efficiently handling your booking.

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