Benefits Of A VDR

  • May 13, 2016
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Benefits Of A VDR

Do you still house all your organization’s proprietary data thus taking up valuable space? Would you like to gain control over your data and improve the productivity in your organization by having the rows upon rows of filing cabinets that line storage rooms cleared out? If this is the case, you are preparing to move towards what many of the leading companies have headed, which is moving towards a Virtual Data Room (VDR).

A Virtual Data Room provides an online virtual space which acts the online depository for important documentation in your business. Typically, organizations use these data room services for sharing their important business information with potential acquirers or investors, organization leadership, as well as clients within a controlled and secure environment.

Even though the transition will require some investment of both money and time, the benefits of so doing extends beyond simply freeing up some additional office space.


1. Ease Of Access

In the world of today where there is permanent connectivity, the use of physical storage space no longer makes sense. With the virtual data room, access of critical documentation is possible and easy regardless of your physical location. The ease of controlled access boosts productivity and enables your organization to share documents securely with both outside parties and partners while lowering the risk of potential data breaches.

2. Reduced Overhead

Even though using the virtual data room as the organizational repository requires an initial investment of time to convert the documents to digital form, the end benefits cannot be denied. Going paperless reduces overhead by lowering the costs of office supplies significantly as well as providing better continuity in case of a disaster. In the end, critical client and organizational information is secure and does not have to be replaced or recreated.

3. Improved Due Diligence

Virtual Data Rooms also allow for multiple parties to complete due diligence simultaneously according to During Fundraising or M&A decision makers can review sensitive documentation securely in a regulated environment. Using such features as keyword searches within the documents, they can process information quickly thus expediting the transaction. In addition, VDRs allow for organizations to stay prepared for several rounds of diligence without any extra preparation thus improving the entire process and enable you to get deals done.

4. Increased Transparency

Virtual Data Rooms help in understanding your investors and clients better. For instance, when granting access to documents in VDR you also have access to all the activities that pertain to that document. You will also have access to the time the document was reviewed, when, and how frequently. The information provides you with incredible insight into the level of interest of an individual thus giving the capability of approaching the transaction strategically.

Besides these benefits, a Virtual Data Room is in addition a safe solution. Using our services helps you equip your organization with the highest level of security possible. Permission-based controls, two-factor authentication, as well as activity alerts are just some of the features that you can rely upon for ensuring the protection of sensitive organizational information.

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