X-halo Early Warning System For Asthmatic Kids

  • June 13, 2016
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X-halo Early Warning System For Asthmatic Kids

Introducing a new Indiegogo tech campaign called X-halo. X-halo gives asthmatic kids early warning of impending asthma attacks in 9 out of 10 cases. X-halo has a goal of $2000 and so far they have only raised $100. If this is a product that interests you can help them out here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/x-halo-early-warning-system-for-asthmatic-kids#/

Visit their web site here: http://www.x-halo.com/home/index.php

X-halo Review

“Asthma attacks are scary and dangerous. Especially for kids. Introducing X-halo. The most important advance in home asthma management since the inhaler was invented. Used daily, X-halo tracks airway inflammation levels easily and accurately with a simple traffic light reading that can give asthmatic kids (and their parents) early warning of an impending attack in 9/10 cases. X-halo’s patented sensor technology detects the onset of airway inflammation in children’s’ lungs. Increased airway inflammation levels in asthmatic children are indicative of viral or bacterial infection, which are the causes of 9 out 10 asthma attacks among children. X-halo can detect this onset up to 48 hours before the attack. There are no refills or cartridges to buy afterwards.”


The best thing about X-halo is it’s fast and easy. Anyone that has asthma or a child with asthma should take a look and track this campaign. This might be the solution to help improvement asthma management.

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