Single Ladies Wait On Your Boaz Indiegogo Review

  • July 27, 2016
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Here’s another interested crowdfuning campaign this time it’s from Indiegogo. The campaign is called ‘Single Ladies Wait On Your Boaz! 8 Cities Tour’ and their message is very positive. We hope the readers can help fund this campaign.

The goal of Single Ladies Wait is $25,000. So far the campaign has raised $179 by 5 backers. The play is designed to encourage single ladies to wait on their soulmate and let God bring them into their lives.

From the campaign:

“This Play encourages single women to wait on the right man to get married and have children. It promotes positive healthy family unity while discouraging young women and men not to be involved in toxic relationships. Domestic Violence, Alcohol/Drug Abuse, Teen Pregnancy and high divorce rate have completely destroyed our wholesome family values, so we seek to educate, entertain, and enlighten young adults on how to improve it, especially when teens’ pregnancies & single mothers are on the rise.”

Single Ladies Wait On Your Boaz! 8 Cities Tour

What will your donation pay for?

“Your money will be used for production cost to ensure the 8 Cities Tour is a success and we meet our $50,000 donation goal for disable/sick children with cancer, sickle-cell anemia, and autism. Proceeds from our shows will be donated. We will be completely transparent and provide a report of what the money was used for and how much our tour raises 60 days after the tour ends. The report will also include how much money was donated and who received it.”

What will the positive impact be?

“Teens’ pregnancies, single mothers, and divorce rate have reached an all-time high in our society, today. Both single women and men are looking for that perfect mate, but they find it extremely hard to find the right one. Most of them have never heard of the biblical romantic love story of Ruth & Boaz, so they really don’t know how to ultimately choose the right person, who God has created just for them. This play will open their eyes to a whole new world of how to date properly and find their real soulmate according to the Word of God.”

What’s their contact information?

Gospel Stage Play on IG @singleladieswaitonyourboaz, Twitter @SLWOYB2016, and Facebook

As you can see this is a very positive crowdfunding campaign and we hope the readers of this blog see the value in this and choose to donate. Once again if interested go to: and make a pledge.


Support Kimian Farm On Patreon

  • July 26, 2016
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One of’s main recurring features is to introduce interesting crowdfunding campaigns that come up online. One of those fascinating crowdfunding campaigns comes from Kimian Farm on Patreon.

What is Kimian Farms you ask? “Youth worker Ian has dreamed all his life of being a farmer. So in March 2017, he and his accountant wife Kim and their three cats are going to pack up and head out from Australia to New York to finally pursue their dream. We’re looking to get about one hundred acres to raise Dorper sheep and Wessex Saddleback pigs for a rare meat treat. (”

How will Kimian Farms raise money?

“The primary source of income will be from creating an exciting CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) system.”

How will Kimiam Farms help the community?

Kimiam Farms

“We want to help other big-dream farmers by allowing them to live rent-free on one acre of our land in exchange for one day’s work at our farm. Furthermore, we will offer refuge to those who perhaps don’t want a total change but just want to embrace the natural peace of the country for a few days.”

How Patreon will help

Kimiam Farms is looking to Patreon to help them acquire 100 acres, water access (such as a dam, creek, or river), a habitable building, a barn, good fencing, road frontage, vendor finance, and proximity to within 2-3 hours of New York City.

This is the best thing about crowdfuning, pursuing one’s dreams. Kimiam Farms has their dream laid out and now all it will take is funding from the public worldwide on Patreon. If you are interested in contacting them for more info order giving a few dollars visit: Farming isn’t everyone’s dream, but to Ian and Kim it’s everything.

Color Clues Kickstarter Treasure Hunt For Kids Of All Ages

  • July 14, 2016
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Color Clues Kickstarter Treasure Hunt For Kids Of All Ages would like to bring this exciting Kickstarter campaign to our reader’s attention. If you’ve ever set up a treasure hunt, you know that it can be time consuming to come up with clues and hiding places, and to make sure that everything is arranged correctly. Color Clues makes the process simple by giving parents a database of pre-made treasure hunts to choose from that will work in almost any home, and directions for which clues to leave in which locations.

Color Clues 1

Color Clues’ big innovation is to allow children to solve treasure hunts completely on their own, even before they can read. The hunt starts by giving your kid the first code – a sequence of 4 primary colors – and a smart phone running the Color Clues app, displaying big boxes of primary colors. Tapping the code into the phone triggers the first audio clue. One clue leads to another until the final destination is reached: a hidden gift or a surprise or simply a congratulations for completing the hunt.

Color Clues 2

Allowing kids to find and solve clues on their own is critical to giving them a sense of ownership over the hunt and satisfaction at their success. For a busy parent, it also means that after you take a couple short minutes to set things up, your child will be playing all on their own and you can go take a shower or even a quick nap! For kids, and especially pre-literate kids, autonomous play is a fantastic way to develop higher order thinking and processing skills. Unfortunately, games that teach those skills almost always require the ability to read. Color Clues fills this pre-literacy gap with a game that your kids will love.

In addition to the pre-made treasure hunts that come loaded with the game, parents can also easily design their own hunts. The app takes users through the process step by step, and then saves the treasure hunt so it can be used again at another time.

One of the most exciting aspects of Color Clues is the ability for users to upload the treasure hunts they have created to an online database. Tagging hunts with age and ability level, and the type of treasure hunt, then allows other users to find and download new treasure hunts for their own children. Color Clues will tap the creativity of thousands of users all over the world, giving parents access to an ever-growing stream of treasure hunts that can be downloaded and set up in minutes.

Color Clues 3

Help bring Color Clues to life by making a pledge on Kickstarter and pre-ordering your copy today. The Kickstarter campaign is off to a good start, but needs your help to bring this innovative game a reality.

For more information visit: 

We hope you found this new Kickstarter campaign interesting.

Indiegogo Shaman’s Wisdom The Gates of Eternity

  • July 9, 2016
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Indiegogo Shaman’s Wisdom The Gates of Eternity would like to bring this exciting Indiegogo campaign to our reader’s attention. Read what the animators at Amaralis Group have to say about their campaign. “We are a team of animators, artists and writers. Now we are engaged in the creation of a 2D animated film “Shaman’s Wisdom. The Gates of Eternity.” We ask you for help with any party for our project.” You can find more information here:

Shaman's Wisdom. The Gates of Eternity

What Is Shaman’s Wisdom The Gates of Eternity About?

“This film is about the mysteries and ancient teachings of shamans and in general of all the mystical and awareness that can help us to get out of the framework of stereotypical life and discovering something another in this the world. Basically, our team is composed of young, ambitious and enterprising people with the artistic view of the world ,who love to travel and look at life from all sides without losing sight of its objectivity . We are also associated interest in the books and the teachings of Carlos Castaneda, who helps us understand and feel something what a lot of people who do not stand out from the gray mass of everyday only vaguely heard . We very want to share our experiences and feelings with other people, who through this cartoon will be able to discover many new things and beautiful.Perhaps their life will not be the same monotone and senseless as before.They can find new aspects and areas in which they have not even looked before. We are now at phase of collecting funds for our project in all possible ways including crowdfunding.”

Shaman's Wisdom. The Gates of Eternity.

Want To Help?

“We ask you for help with any party, since tell about our project to friends, reposting links to our project web sit? ( in their social networks, speak about our ideas on yours blog (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and if possible to support us financially on crowdfunding platform indiegogo.”

We hope you found this Indiegogo campaign interesting.







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