Color Clues Kickstarter Treasure Hunt For Kids Of All Ages

  • July 14, 2016
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Color Clues Kickstarter Treasure Hunt For Kids Of All Ages would like to bring this exciting Kickstarter campaign to our reader’s attention. If you’ve ever set up a treasure hunt, you know that it can be time consuming to come up with clues and hiding places, and to make sure that everything is arranged correctly. Color Clues makes the process simple by giving parents a database of pre-made treasure hunts to choose from that will work in almost any home, and directions for which clues to leave in which locations.

Color Clues 1

Color Clues’ big innovation is to allow children to solve treasure hunts completely on their own, even before they can read. The hunt starts by giving your kid the first code – a sequence of 4 primary colors – and a smart phone running the Color Clues app, displaying big boxes of primary colors. Tapping the code into the phone triggers the first audio clue. One clue leads to another until the final destination is reached: a hidden gift or a surprise or simply a congratulations for completing the hunt.

Color Clues 2

Allowing kids to find and solve clues on their own is critical to giving them a sense of ownership over the hunt and satisfaction at their success. For a busy parent, it also means that after you take a couple short minutes to set things up, your child will be playing all on their own and you can go take a shower or even a quick nap! For kids, and especially pre-literate kids, autonomous play is a fantastic way to develop higher order thinking and processing skills. Unfortunately, games that teach those skills almost always require the ability to read. Color Clues fills this pre-literacy gap with a game that your kids will love.

In addition to the pre-made treasure hunts that come loaded with the game, parents can also easily design their own hunts. The app takes users through the process step by step, and then saves the treasure hunt so it can be used again at another time.

One of the most exciting aspects of Color Clues is the ability for users to upload the treasure hunts they have created to an online database. Tagging hunts with age and ability level, and the type of treasure hunt, then allows other users to find and download new treasure hunts for their own children. Color Clues will tap the creativity of thousands of users all over the world, giving parents access to an ever-growing stream of treasure hunts that can be downloaded and set up in minutes.

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Help bring Color Clues to life by making a pledge on Kickstarter and pre-ordering your copy today. The Kickstarter campaign is off to a good start, but needs your help to bring this innovative game a reality.

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