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  • August 26, 2016
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Here’s another Patreon member would like to bring to our reader’s attention. They call themselves the JB&I Show and are based in San Diego California. If you would like to support their campaign visit:

What is the JBI Show?

They talk about everything from movies to games to TV shows and books. They even have special giveaways on holidays. The JB&I Show is looking to do more for the audience they love. The issue the JB&I Show is running into is that that they all work full time. If the show were able to rise enough money monthly they would switch and do the show full time.

What is their Patreon goal?

The goal of the JB&I Show is to raise $865/month which is very reasonable. The min. pledge starts out at only $1.00/month.  With this money their mission is to “raise enough money to pay the crew and cast.”

What future milestones does the JB&I Show want to accomplish?

Travel: 200.00 monthly

Accessing different venues around the area, moreover, the state: 1,500.00 monthly

Paying crew and talent: 800.00 plus monthly

Editing and software: 2,500.00 monthly

Equipment and upgrades: 3,500.00 monthly

Rent a Studio: 7,500.00 monthly

Food for our guest: 500.00 monthly

Repairs and easy upgrades: 800.00 monthly

The JB&I Show needs your help! Visit them on Patreon today for more information.


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