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  • August 29, 2016
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There is a new startup called Social Prize with a unique idea. Social Prize allows Sponsors/Advertisers to contribute $10 and promote the giveaway to their user base for a chance to win a daily cash prize. Sign up at Social Prize today:

What is Social Prize?

“Normal giveaway or sweepstakes SaaS ask you to design and develop your own Giveaway. You pay for the prize on top of paying them! Social Prize is a crowd funded Sweepstakes. Meaning, Sponsors, like you, contribute $10 per day toward the Prize. We host and administer the entire sweepstakes. All you do is promote and grow your list. What’s more, most sweepstakes by nature prohibit sharing, because no one wants to share the contest and lower their chances of winning. “Viral” contests are different. Contestants are incentivized to share the contest for extra entries. This creates a viral loop that can quickly help you build a massive email list. When subscribing to your newsletter, what better way to say thank you than offering up the opportunity to win cash? What’s more, Social Prize lets you give everyone who enters a freebie, maybe a coupon for 20% off, a free ebook, or access to a webinar.”

Why run a giveaway?

“Most people love giveaways, getting something for free. They’re fun and they show your community you care about their support. In return, your community will grow! And Social Prize makes this process the easiest and most effective because we manage everything and our prize, given daily, is a large cash sum (oh, that we pay for, not you…for only $10 per day – giveaway up to $5000).”

Benefits of using Social Prize

– Grow your e-mail list. See your new email subscribers in real time. Download all the names and emails of contestants in CSV. Coming soon. Aweber and Constant Contact integration.

– Promote viral giveaways that generate leads. Gain Twitter followers and Youtube subscribers.

Social Prize

social prize review

Social Prize Video

This new startup is very useful for anyone looking to gain new subscribers. In the past I’ve run a giveaway and they are a lot of work. Letting a professional company like Social Prize manage your giveaways makes sense.


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