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  • September 26, 2016
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Hey readers! Today we want to introduce an exciting piece of technology called HELLO. HELLO The Most Advanced Video Communication Device and is being funded by Indiegogo.

What is the HELLO device?

“The HELLO device is designed to be affordable for businesses and individuals. It requires only two cables – HDMI and power – and then turns any TV into a voice-controlled cross-platform communication device, with wireless screen sharing, live broadcasting, and motion-activated security surveillance features.

But it’s not a typical webcam, it is a voice-controlled device that you can use to talk with friends, family, and colleagues on a video chat service, monitor your kids or pets at home, interact with your business partners or your team, and share your phone or tablet screen without extra cables. It will also act as a security camera in a home as it will send you notifications to any device when it detects unusual activity.

HELLO has a 4k video sensor, an array of 4 smart microphones, a 130° field of vision, built-in accelerometer, and a tilting lens, so everyone in the room is seen and heard. The platform will now work on Skype, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, and Cisco WebEx.

Users can wirelessly share the screen of any computer or mobile device on any Hello-equipped TV, stream live events using the Solaborate platform, and keep an eye on homes and offices while away with HELLO’s motion detection and notification system. The device is cross-platform, working with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux.

While other devices work with Miracast, Chromecast or Airplay exclusively, HELLOeatures, doesn’t require any training to install and use, has Airplay+ChromeCast+Miracast for wireless screen sharing across any platform or device, and voice control is an intuitive way to command HELLO, something you won’t find on others.”

Funding Goals

$432,563 USD total funds raised 1339% funded on September 6, 2016.

Meet The Team

“The HELLO team is made up of innovators and project leaders. Their organization and process-driven approach ensure rapid iteration and lean techniques for increased efficiency. Having built the Solaborate platform, each team member is intimately familiar with the methods of communication we all use on a daily basis and have thus created the best possible platform suitable for a device as sophisticated as HELLO.”

Best Deal

The most popular funding option is the $189 level where backers can get a HELLO device and unlimited lifetime use at no additional cost.

HELLO Device Final Prototype Photo

HELLO device

HELLO Device Video

If you are interested in picking on up or just supporting this campaign visit:–4#/

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