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  • October 12, 2016
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How would you like to support an organisation that is creating historic archives, photos, video tours, and composite maps? Now you can with the help of Patreon. Visit the official Patreon page of the McKeesport Preservation Society

Patreon Page Overview

“The McKeesport Preservation Society is committed to restoring, preserving, and protecting historically and architecturally significant buildings located in the city of McKeesport, PA. We are a non-profit that operates solely on member donations and endowments. We are creating this Patreon in hopes that those who believe in our mission will contribute to help us achieve our goals saving history from decay.”

McKeesport Preservation Society

Funding Goal

Current Patreon goal is only $100/month and they have already raised $18/month of that.

Donation Levels

Donation levels start at $5/month for their appreciation and go up to $100/month. $100/month donors will get benefactor status. Your name will be listed as a donor on any project they undertake during your time as a pledge. Includes all lower-level rewards as well.

Current Missions

1) One of their current missions is to stop release of funds for the demolition of the 1904 First Baptist Church of McKeesport.

“The McKeesport Housing Authority plans to demolish downtown McKeesport’s circa 1904 brownstone First Baptist Church (409 Olive St.), using money released from HUD, to create “green space” in a section of the city that already has numerous vacant lots from previous demolitions. The “green space” is intended to benefit the residents of the nearby town home development. However, with so many vacant lots in the vicinity, why demolish one of the city’s historic buildings to meet this goal? ¬†The church in question is one of few brownstone buildings in the region and could be adaptively reused. Please sign this petition, which will be sent to HUD, The City of McKeesport, and McKeesport Housing Authority to show that there is opposition to the demolition of this beautiful building for green space in an already mostly-demolished section of McKeesport (”

If you are in the area surrounding the church or believe this type of work is important please support their Patreon page today.

2) Shaw house restoration (See picture).

Shaw House

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