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  • October 12, 2016
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Like music? If the answer is yes this Patreon might be for you. SistaSara is creating Experimental Dub Music and needs your support on Patreon.

SistaSara’s goal for this Patreon is $1000 per month and currently stands at $9/month.

Direct From SistaSara

“Making music is like breathing fresh air, it is like flying, it is like being beyond gravity and limitations…

All music and lyrics are written, composed, performed, recorded, arranged and mixed by myself: from acoustic guitars to live synth, from lead and backing vocals to drums programming, from bass line programming to live snares and percussions.

I’m on Patreon because I Love to share what I do with the people that gave me energy in all these past years and because I am looking forward to build an even stronger community of people that appreciate music as art; music as in free expression of one creative person without boundaries of music genres.”

Funding Bonuses

Pledge only $1 and get access to the exclusive Patron feeds posts with updates and random surprises. You will also receive the song Open Space and one of SistaSara’s vintage tunes in MP3 format. Pledge all the way up to $50/month and receive exclusive access to Patreon feed, Open Space download, sneak peaks on new content, two new video downloads, access to exclusive posts, get every new release, full length albums, and bonuses. As you can see pledging to SistaSara is well worth it, looks of great bonus material.

Support SistaSara

Support Sara on Patreon:

Visit Sara’s web site:

SistaSara is creating Experimental Dub Music

What Does My Donation Cover?

“Covering the costs of publishing my music on Vinyl so that Dub sound systems can let the bass shake and dance my tunes away.”

Support a great cause and reasonable goal, support SistaSara on Patreon today.


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