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  • October 13, 2016
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Just discovered this awesome Indiegogo campaign for the Emergency Escape Umbrella. The umbrella ferrule is made of 800HV chromium alloy which can be used as a window glass breaker. No one carries around a glass breaker, but almost everyone at one time or another carries around an umbrella.

Indiegogo Goal

Emergency Escape Umbrella’s goal is only $500. Right now they have raised $7 of the $500 goal. Back their campaign today visit:


Funding Rewards

For only $1 get umbrella 98% off. This is an amazing offer!

Umbrella Features

Wind-combat Frame Systems

Wind-combat Frame Systems

UV Protection

UV Protection

Emergency Hammer

Emergency Hammer

This umbrella is not only high quality it boosts the ability to break glass. Not something you will do everyday, but lets say you lock your keys in the car this umbrella would be one way to get back in. For only $1 or 98% off reserve your umbrella today.


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