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  • October 27, 2016
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Support DeadDots #SaveGoodDot Action Game on Kickstarter. DeadDots is a mobile top down, gesture based, tower defense, action game with original characters and storyline.

Support Dead Dots:

The campaign has already raised $2,551 out of the $7,000 goal, but it only has 7 days left! They need your support now. What’s impressive about their campaign is the money raised is composed of 33 backers.

What Do I Get?

Pledge only $1 and receive exclusive “Kickstarter Backer transmission updates from Defcon Games (to include a special invite from the team to download the game for free when it’s available)! Additionally you’ll receive a direct video transmission on Twitter from the Team.” The pledges go up to $10,000, but my favorite donation level has to be $5,000. With a pledge of 5K “Defcon Games’ founders, Matt & Jordan will travel out to your location for a pizza party. This can be at your house, office, Meetup, bachelor party, whatever.” What a great, fun idea that makes supporting the game a lot of fun. Just shows how dedicated Matt and Jordan are to making this game a success.

What Is The Game About?

“Deatdots is a storeied adventure of interstellar expansion, alien wars, love, greed, corruption, and triumph housed in a simple mobile game developed like an action movie.” Sounds like if you are into SciFi type movies, like me, this game is for you.

Screenshot From Kickstarter Campaign

Review Of DeadDots

The game looks and sounds great so why not support the DeadDots Kickstarter campaign.


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