Become Your Own Jewelry Designer With Troupe

  • November 22, 2016
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Are you interested in becoming your own jewelry designer? Troupe enables anyone to be a jewelry designer. Without any experience, people can craft custom jewelry using our photorealistic 3D design tools and sell it on their marketplace. Troupe handles all of the 3D printing, manufacturing, and customer shipping. Very cool idea!

Troupe has already shipped hundred of orders to satisfied customers, but they need your help to scale. They are on, an equity-based crowdfunding website, so you become a shareholder along with the management team. Take ownership in this dynamic early-stage company.

Net Capital Campaign:


Net Capital

Who Are They?

“Fashion is rapidly moving to on-demand. Large brands can’t fulfill every consumer’s passion; so, platforms have emerged for consumers to design their own style and for marketers, bloggers, YouTubers, and Instagramers, to create designs for their audiences.

New, on-demand platforms are popping up daily, driving billions of dollars in revenue and causing rapid change in otherwise stagnant industries. One platform, Teespring, claims to have created dozens of millionaire marketers as it soared to a half of a billion dollars in revenue in just a few years.

2D platforms are everywhere, but 3D is wide open. All on-demand fashion platforms are based on one simple concept: custom printing. Simply upload an image it will be printed on a pre-inventoried blank shirt or skirt.

But what if someone wants to do more than just print? What if someone wants to create a brand new shape, as is common in the jewelry market? You can’t, not unless you enter the super-complex world of 3D design. 3D design tools are so complex that professionals charge hundreds or thousands of dollars to design a single piece of custom jewelry. Troupe fixes this.”


If the idea of becoming a shareholder and/or creating custom jewelry with Troupe consider funding their NetCapital campaign today.

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