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  • November 28, 2016
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Help support a vet and family on their GoFundMe page. Ray Ray and his family have been struggling day and night for years. GoFundMe is their last resort in trying to get their finances in order.

Interested in helping? Visit:

Meet The Family

“We are a prior service family, I am a US Army Veteran   E-6 of 12 years, 10 active duty stationed in Europe and 2 national guard in Maine. I am married to my best friend, and have the best son (14) which I took care of from age 4 to now which I have fully adopted and couldn’t be more proud and my daughter (7) who is the most adorable loving girl and I could never ask for more, also couldn’t forget our 2 labs and 1 cat which we treat as our own babies lol.”

Go Fund Vet

What Happened

“Towards the end of my deployment I received an important message to call my Command Sergeant Major, this was the worst news I have ever received and wish not this happens to anybody. When I called he explained my wife was in a head on collision on the highway and she was sent to the hospital via life flight but passed away due to her injuries, and also that there were kids involved but didn’t know if they were mine at the time.

I had no clue what to do, I broke down, for the next 5 minutes before the next call I was in despair and felt I was in a dream. In the next call he told me my wife was revived, and in ICU but unsure if she would make it through the night, also the kids were from the other vehicle and also the other driver who were OK, I started my way back ASAP and it took a long 4 days with no updates on my wife’s status.

After several surgeries and therapy sessions later my wife was finally able to come home, although in a wheelchair for the next few months I didn’t care, it was December 24th and was the best dam Christmas present I could ever receive, she was safe and in my arms.”


Just 12 days ago family posted how close they are to reaching their goal. It’s amazing to see all the love and support coming from the GoFundMe community. Really glad people are willing to help and empathize with complete strangers.

This family still needs your help.

Visit their GoFundMe page:

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