Multipass First Multisite Subscription Solution

  • November 29, 2016
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Have you ever visited a news web site wanting to read and article only to have an annoying pop up appear saying you have to pay? Multi Pass solves this issue. Multipass is the first multisite subscription, be premium and gain access to on all your favorite websites.

Right now visitors can try for free. Benefits include access content restricted to subscribers, surf without ads, access premium content, subscribe now for $2.90 only, tomorrow $9.90. Early adopters save money.

Visit web site:

Multipass site

Current Partners

Current partners include blastingnews, Pocket-Lint, Sweet Lyrics, soccerlens, Anorak, Who Ate All The Pies, Mexico Daily News, and CFCnet.

From Their Facebook Page

“Web content is either sponsored by ads or restricted to subscribers. Using an ad blocker hurt content creators, but it is impossible to subscribe to each website. What if we could subscribe to every website? Multipass is the first multisite subscription: Surf without ads and enjoy premium content on every partner website. No installation required, try for free.” is a promising idea that we are happy to pass on to the reader. Users of Multipass simply pay a small monthly fee and are able to subscribe to web site premium content instantly on multiple websites. Both users of the service and content creators win, seems to be the perfect solution to the free rider problem.

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