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  • January 10, 2017
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SpaceFuzz TV is creating entertaining science fiction using puppets. The unique channel needs your support on Patreon Started in 2016 this passion project combines the creators love of puppets and science fiction. The goal is a very reasonable $500/month, help support Space Fuzz TV today.

Personally I love science fiction and as a kid I was a huge fan on the Muppets. One of my favorite Muppets was Oscar the Grouch. He wasn’t the most positive guy, herlived in a trash can, but I always felt an affinity towards him. Don’t ask me why, I was a kid, what did I know? So when I heard about and a adult themed puppet and sci fi show and Patreon teaming up I knew I had to write about it.


What is Space Fuzz TV Exactly? 

“Space Fuzz TV is a passion project that was created in late 2016 and combines our love of puppets and science fiction TV shows and movies. Our story follows Ryan Riggs, captain of the Star-Maiden police cruiser and his crew as they patrol the galaxy, transport prisoners and collect bounties. To the universe they are part of the Galactic Justice Department but to the criminals they hunt they are simply known as the Space Fuzz. The idea is create a show that was adult in nature yet still held onto the main tropes of good science fiction. We have space ships, aliens and monsters, space battles and more. What started out as a simple idea has bloomed into a full universe of content waiting to be explored within its first months of conception. What started out as an idea quickly turned into a DIY YouTube channel on how we wanted the show to evolve, this also helped us to establish an audience that could watch this project unfold before their very eyes. The goal was always to release free videos on YouTube and so this is how we began our journey into the world of SPACE FUZZ. Intrigued? I hope so. Head on over to my Youtube channel for all the latest blog video, script writing sessions, DIY prop making and more.”

The Crew

“The Star-Maiden wouldn’t be complete without her crew so here are our main cast of misfits for Space Fuzz. Captain Riggs – Riggs does what Riggs does best. He may not be the most capable or qualified but that hasn’t stopped him from acquiring his own ship and pursuing bad guys across the galaxy. Krystal – Second in command Crystal is the ships weapons expert. This badass chick knows how to handle herself and is never afraid to get her hands dirty. Borax – This salty fellow is the ships medical officer, no sci-fi show would be complete without one. He may be older than both Riggs and Krystal combined but he also knows a thing or two. Admiral Kentucky – Head of the Galactic Justice Department the Admiral keeps a watch on the galactic crime network, issuing bounties and arrest warrants for some of the most dangerous criminals known to man. Gripe – A fuzzy little orange fellow that somehow managed to become the ships pet mascot.”

What’s In It For Me?

“Community is what I love. Being apart of a community no matter what is it alway brings forth new ideas. As Patreons to this project you have a say. You can help sculpt Space Fuzz TV into a bigger and better project.”

This DIY labor intensive YouTube channel SpaceFuzz TV needs your support. We have theses amazing artists with amazing ideas, but if the funding isn’t there they simply cannot make their passions into reality. That’s where Patreon comes in, I urge you to check out and support SpaceFuzz TV today.


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