Help Peter And Richard Start Developing Gaming Apps

  • January 22, 2017
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Peter and Richard want to start developing gaming apps and need your help. They have set up a page on the crowdfunding site called JustGiving. You can visit their page at: The goal of this campaign is pretty simple they would like to start developing gaming apps after £900 is raised.

Help Richard and Peter reach their modest £900 goal, funding their app developing dream. JustGiving is the the number one crowdfunding platform in the world. Their mission is that no good campaign goes unfunded. Just Giving has already raised $4.2 billion around the world!

Who Are They?

“Peter my friend and myself (richard) are hoping to start a business of developing online gaming apps. We have been keen to start a business together since a young age. Due to the economical climate loans are not an option to us unfortunately so we have turned to crowd funding to ask for your help. Our plan is to create free-to-play games accessible to the public. Although to bring our ideas to life it will take time, money and effort the middle of which we lack the most. I hope you have read this far into my description so I can offer you our gratitude if you decide to make a donation.”

Where Can I Donate?

Visit their official crowd funding page:

Richard And Peter

Why not make a donation today? Help Richard and Peter start creating free-to-play games for the public.

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