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  • January 24, 2017
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“Your condo buzzer just got smarter” is the BuzzMeHome tagline. BuzzMeHome is a new Vancouver BC Startup that automates entry into your Airbnb with access codes.

The Buzz Me Home set up process couldn’t be simpler. Just sign up and you’ll automatically get a number, give that number to your property or building manager, set up your access codes and/or forwarding phone numbers, and enjoy. It’s that easy!

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What Does The Company Say?

“BuzzMeHome is a fresh and exciting startup from Vancouver, BC. The entrepreneurs who developed this smart buzzer application are also owners and operators of a few Airbnb properties. Often interrupted by unconventional arrival times of their guests, they worked out a solution with a variety of options: multi phone line buzzer and a system of access codes. Ever since home buzzers got connected to cellular phones rather than landlines, homeowners got an opportunity to provide their guests with building access remotely. Today “smart buzzer” applications bring it to a next level. First of all, your guests and visitors can now select the exact phone line they would like to connect to. If your family members or roommates are busy running errands, there is no longer a need to run up and down the stairs to get your guests, as you have no access to the “designated buzzer” phone. BuzzMeHome allows you to forward your buzzer to as many as 10 numbers. So next time when you are trying to get to your friend’s house party and their buzzer prompts something like “Press 1 to reach Peter or press 2 to reach Emma”, do not get all too surprised. On top of the multiple phone lines connection, BuzzMeHome provides you with an opportunity to assign unlimited amount of access codes and even schedule them for a specific period of time. It means now you can focus on getting a perfect tan in Mexican Riviera, instead of trying to arrange for someone to meet your Airbnb guests and provide them with a key while you are away. Even if you are in town and busy with life, your personal helpers, nannies and cleaners can get controlled access to your home on days and times of your preference. For safety reasons you will also get a text message notification every time someone uses a code. BuzzMeHome is an ultimate tool for people with a demanding lifestyle such as multiple property Airbnb hosts, realtors, cleaning and home care service companies. One simple application allows to control up to 25 properties through a single account and no strings attached.”

How Much Does The Service Cost?

It’s very affordable, costing only $5.99/month

Does It Work In My Area?

“BuzzMeHome works in all cities in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.”

Do I Need Any Costly Hardware?

“No, there is no software, apps, hardware or equipment required. BuzzMeHome is a cloud-based system, so all you need is a BuzzMeHome phone number.”

I have a feeling this product is going to take off very soon. Get in on the service early. Hopefully it can be of use to some CashSherpa readers on Airbnb. Once again the site is:

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