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  • February 14, 2017
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The O.N.E. Records presents Ju$tin Tyme’s first promotional tour. Support Ju$tin Tyme’s promotional tour on Kickstarter today:


The #BeingRealComesEasy Promo Tour?

“The #BeingRealComesEasy Mixtape Promotional Tour for Ju$tin Tyme is the pacesetter 2017 push for greatness by the O.N.E. Records!! The tour goals are to introduce music lovers to the sensational sounds of the artist Ju$tin Tyme. Performing his highly popular single, #FightingSleep, @Tympeace will take this show across the southern states of Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Texas and Kentucky. Approximately 100,000 music lovers will be present, as we kick off promotions with a performance at the SXSW concert series in mid March, in Austin, Texas. From there, we will be dropping in spring break and college towns in Florida, gaining further momentum into the next month. April and May will be action packed months, winding throughout the remaining states of Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Georgia. Please, check out the single, #FightingSleep (click link), and download more music, as well as get the latest info at www.TheReallyReal.com. We thank you for you support in making the #BeingRealComesEasy promotional tour a success!! Have a great day! O.N.E. LOVE!”

Music Tour

What Are The Risks? 

“To some, a fancy title is needed to impress or be impressed. This may be my only downfall because I lack the title that comes with college graduate or I do not have accolades of tremendous success to vouch for me. I do have a”can do”, no, a “must do” attitude. My relentless and persistent process has been the basis of my understandings and have been proven worthy in my past, to make me the man I am, today. My passionate pursuit of true success evokes me to thoroughly and fully accept this task, which I see as a pleasure to take upon, myself.
Assisted by experienced professionals, consulting me in all aspects of business and law, along the way, this project has all the intangibles to find success.”

Any Rewards?

Pledge $50 or more get a free album, autographed, one free show, and a personal thank you letter. Pledge $100 get everything in previous reward plus 2 more free tickets. $250 get free album and poster, autographed, five free shows, backstage passes, and personal thank you. $500 get three free albums and poster, autographed, twenty free shows, two backstage passes, name mentioned on select tour promo in thank you section, and thank you letter. $1000 get five free albums and posters, autographed, free music of artist, thirty free shows, backstage passes for two, name mentioned on select tour promo, and personal thank you letter. See terms and conditions on Kickstarter page.

Ju$tin Tyme’s needs your help on his first promotion tour. Visit his Kickstarter for more details today.

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