USB2Air Wireless USB 2.0 Video Extension System

  • February 22, 2017
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Introducing the USB2Air Wireless USB 2.0 Video Extension System Kickstarter Campaign. The company formed in 2015 releasing a product called HuddleCamHD. Chief Engineer Matthew Davis created the world’s first wireless USB pan, tilt, and zoom conference camera. This USB technology was then used to build the popular HuddlePod Air, one of the industries top selling wireless USB speakerphones. Now in 2017, HuddleCamHD is making our powerful wireless technology available in the first ever wireless USB 2.0 extension system truly built to work with any USB 2.0 device. The USB2Air is the industry’s first answer to wireless USB video transmission as a suitable substitute for extension cabling. More information at:

I can see all sorts of uses for transmitting video wirelessly up to 25 feet using USB. It’s something I’ve looked for actually in the past, but couldn’t find a solution until now.

USB video transmission

Here’s How It Works

“- FCC Certified to wirelessly transmit 1080p video, audio and/or data up to 25′ between wireless transmitter and receiver pair

– 30MBs of available bandwidth (Shareable between multiple devices) (See bandwidth chart below)

– Less than 1ms of latency (ideal fo video conferencing, virtual reality, image magnification and other real-time applications)

– Works with any Windows 7, 10 computer (Not Windows 8.1!)

– Eliminates the need for expensive USB extension cabling in small/medium sized rooms

– Includes a 1-year warranty from HuddleCamHD”

Resolution/Bandwidth Chart

Resolution Bandwidth Chart

What Do It Get?

Thankfully there are lots of Kickstarter rewards to be had. Donate $5+ get a shout out on show, $25+ get a t-shirt, $254+ get the early bird special, $478.40+ get 2 early bird specials, $500+ get 2 pairs and interview on live show. Pick one and show your support today.

Why Kickstarter?

“The USB2Air is the first product HuddleCamHD has launched with applications far beyond our traditional market which is USB based video conferencing hardware. Because our team has successfully tested the USB2Air with hardware such as virtual reality headsets, wearable graphics modules, Teensy development boards, and control surfaces we felt it was best to open up our initial production to the public with Kickstarter. Our hope is to gather end user feedback and develop an in-depth knowledge base supporting this product with such a wide variety of applications. We also hope that our project backers on Kickstarter will help us fund this project.”

What’s Compatible?

“Here are just a few of the products we have confirmed compatibility with: Logitech c920 webcam w/ microphone, all HuddleCamHD USB 2.0 cameras, Phoenix Audio and Revolabs speakerphones, YEI-Space USB sensors, Sabaret USB to HDMI adapters, LEAP Motion,  Teensy USB development boards, PTZOptics USB 3.0 cameras (w/ USB 2.0 cable), Generic USB sound cards, keyboards, gamepads, custom VR peripherals using Arduino, STM32  and more. (Check back for compatibility testing updates) (Please ask us to test an important product for you!)”

If transmitting video easily up to 25 feet consider supporting this Kickstarter. It’s a giant step forward in USB technology:


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