Learn To Master Flying Virtually With StickMover By AVIrem

  • February 24, 2017
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Master flying virtually with StickMover by AVIrem. StickMover looks just like a regular remote control. Instead of controlling a model aircraft, it leads you through any given manoeuver step by step. Transfer these virtual skills to the real world. Become a RC expert in the operation of helicopters, aeroplanes, paragliders, FPV race drones, FPV aeroplanes, and aerial filming. Lean more about this Kickstarter:


What Do The Controls Look Like?

Actual StickMover controls.

Stickmover Avirem

Learn Complex Moves

“Have you ever watched masters in 3D flying perform their spectacular manoeuvres like the death spiral, thinking: I’ll never make it? StickMover is the way to change that. It’s a powerful tool for everyone with basic skills to intuitively learn even complex 3D-moves just by means of feeling and experiencing it.”

How Does It Work?

“Learn to master 3D flying by watching and feeling artistic manoeuvers. See the moves on the screen and feel how the control sticks are moving simultaneously. StickMover guides you in learning the right moves intuitively. StickMover looks just like a regular remote control. Instead of controlling a model aircraft, it leads you through any given manoeuver step by step. As you watch the flight on your screen, the StickMover goes through all the motions, letting your fingers feel exactly what to do in any given moment. By watching, feeling and repeating you learn the right moves intuitively.”

How Much Will It Cost?

“The online-shop goes live in April 2017 where the StickMover will be offered at a suggested retail price of 350 Euros.”

Tech Specs

“As engineers and passionate techies we wanted to combine usability, performance and robustness in the StickMover. After a lot of efforts we are very happy to present the results to you.In terms of design and usability we tried to keep it as simple as possible, maintaining versatility to a high degree. All key elements like the processing unit and the hardware design are 100 % developed by ourselves. In other parts like the servo motors we rely only on state-of-the-art products manufactured by leading companies.”

Tech Specs Flying

Who Are They?

“Two long-time buddies had a great idea … isn’t that how many great endeavours started? With StickMover, it’s almost like that. At first, it was Patrick Zajonc who came up with the idea. Patrick, a computer pro and RC-flying-enthusiast for many years, one day once again watched a very skilled pilot flying some daredevil manoeuvers, thinking: I want to be in that place. Patrick tried everything out there. Firstly, he gave it a shot with a book. “Soon I realized, there isn’t much connection between the book and what my fingers do”, he says. The attempt to learn moves watching and imitating a video of a pro pilot failed as well. “You can’t split your attention, you’re either focussing on watching the flight or on the control sticks.” At that time, Patricks little son was eager to learn to write his name. “I watched him holding the pencil and suddenly knew what to do. You’re not going to acquire any advanced skill by watching someone performing it – you’ve got to do it yourself.” From that moment four years ago Patrick started puzzling over his innovation. Soon he realized he would need support and asked his long term friend Ulrich F. Beyle to join in, contributing immense expertise in business, media and design matters.”

Any Rewards?

Yes there are many rewards! €5 gets you updates and thanks, €25 gets you a branded hat and sticker, €230 early bird gets your the StickMover and 10 free AVIsoft skill downloads, €280 gets you the same as previous, €299 gets you the same as previous, €525 gets you 2 StickMover plus 10 free downloads, €1,225 gets you 5 plus the downloads, and €5,950 gets you 25 plus the downloads.

They pledge to maintain transparency via constant updates and to build the StickMover to incredibly high standards. There is already a complete functional StickMover prototype and manufacturing partners are ready to bring it to serial production. All they need is your help with the Kickstarter campaign. Consider backing them today:


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