Help Kevin Violenus Conquer Blount’s Disease With Kickstarter

  • March 1, 2017
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Just found this Kickstarter today. Kevin Violenus has struggled most of his life with a condition known as Blount’s Disease. Blount’s Disease Blount’s disease is a growth disorder of the tibia (shin bone) that causes the lower leg to angle inward, resembling a bowleg. The pain is know so great surgery is an absolute necessity, but Violenus needs your help on Kickster:

Meet Kevin Violenus

Blount's Disease

March 21st Kevin will go into surgery having no money, he’s not sure if medical insurance will cover all of the expenses. Such a sad state of affairs that even with medical insurance this much needed surgery may still cause Violenus to go into debt. That’s why it’s crucial that this Kickstarter gets funded to its full $20K goal.

About This Campaign

“This is my first time doing something like this, and I’m not sure how to put this into words but let me just start out by saying for those who don’t know me, I’ve struggled through most of my life with the condition known as Blount’s disease. Blount’s disease is a growth disorder of the tibia (shin bone) that causes the lower leg to angle inward, resembling a bowleg and when I say I struggle I mean I struggled in the year 2010 I was supposed to go to surgery for this condition at the time I was not old enough to make the decision on my own and my mother and father despite not being in my life made a decision for me not to do the surgery hoping that it will get better they were wrong I went through High School a lot of the times in pain and sometimes the pain will be so great that I couldn’t go to school most times it would be 2 days or maybe 3 days a week because of the pain after a while my body got used to the pain and I was able to go to school for 3 years but on the fourth year the pain got so great that I had to drop out and become home schooled and was able to graduate on time graduated 2015 at this time all my focus was on finding a job to raise money so that I can pay for the surgery that I have been putting off since then my luck with finding jobs has been below zero and now have no choice but to do the surgery the thing is my family is always in poverty and no matter what I do to help it never seems to work out and we are always moving from one house to the next never able to hold a home for long always going in an out of shelters and I’m tired of being poor and I’m tired of looking for a job I have many talents I can sing I can draw I am even good at carving wood and clay making arts and crafts over the years I have had many dreams a lot of times those dreams Come Crashing Down because I can’t gather up enough money to do the things I need to do and want to do this is why I am going to the people for help for many years tried many things to get work to save money and it all fails on March 21st I am going to surgery and I have no money and I’m not sure if my medical insurance will cover all of the expenses I am making this campaign not only cover my Hospital expenses but to help pick me up off the ground and to help my family a home because I am tired of moving and to be honest we move like we’re on the Run all the time I want to become an animator but I do not have the money nor the equipment to do what I want to do so I’m asking you the people to not only reach into your hearts to help with my Hospital expenses but to help me raise enough money to get the equipment I need to create a work-at-home job that will support me for a lifetime my goal for this campaign is 20 grand which isn’t big but is most certainly big for me I just want to say thanks to you the people who help me Reach This goal. However if somebody is willing to hire me here is a link to my resume I am a hard worker and I’m willing to work.”

If you would like to hire Kevin Violenus he even included his resume in the campaign.

What’s The Status

Right now the campaign is a long way off it’s $20,000 goal. Currently there are no contributors, but there is still time! Campaign was only created one day ago.

Please consider donating to this campaign today. Help Violenus with his medical expenses and family home: This is definitely a cause worth contributing to.

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