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  • March 2, 2017
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Here’s another unique offer from Patreon that I think my readers will enjoy. A man by the name of William Fox is creating a app called ‘Unique Metal Detectors’ that will actually detect gold. You heard right. This app will actually detect gold.

Before one had to purchase equipment costing $12,000. William Fox’s goal is to change that paradigm with the Unique Metal Detectors app. With the help of this Patreon if successful you will be able to actually detect paying gold for a few hundred dollars using your phone.


William Fox Metal Detector

What’s The Goal?

“It’s my goal to create gold detection apps as mods. I’ve proven they will find gold by working with samples and testing for years in the field. As well I can modify cameras to do the same for a few hundred dollars. There is actually no real camera that will detect gold and gems.”

Who Is William Fox?

“I have a B.Sc majoring in Earth Sciences and have been looking at the cheapest alternative for about 15 years.”

What Campaign Is About

“Inventing metal detectors is inspiring but it helps to have some R&D money for things like videos, and tools to make the actual detectors for testing.”

Are There Any Rewards?

Yes, there are several rewards to this Patreon campaign. $3 gets you process and tutorial videos. $5 gets you process and tutorial videos high quality video downloads monthly desktop wallpapers, $100 gets you a recorded video message personalized for you. Also, $100 pledge includes process  and tutorial videos, high quality video downloads, and monthly desktop wallpapers.

If finding gold with just your cell phone interests you please consider supporting Unique Metal Detectors’ by William Fox today:

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