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  • March 6, 2017
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Rainbow Funding Cards enable safe, convenient contributions to even the smallest of causes. Rainbow Good allows you to contribute to your favorite causes without cash. Rainbow Funding is usually supporting other organizations besides themselves, but they need your help for a change. Their newest fundraising project is to help them their marketing budget. Contribute to their $1,000 goal here:


Rainbow Good

Rainbow Funding’s newest project includes donation levels set at $10 (Marketing), $20 (Pays for someone to receive 100 Rainbow Good Cards), and finally $100 (Helps someone sponsor a caring event). Users have a choice of either one time or recurring donations.

How Does Site Work?

1) Register on our site for a free account number.

2) Purchase the 100 free Rainbow Good cards with the discount code. Pay only a small amount for shipping and handing.

3) Be sure to check the box requesting your account number to be printed on the cards.

4) Receive your cards within 10 days.

5) Start your fundraiser, event, crowdfunding session.

6) Hand out your cards to donors without cash who can donate to your cause or product launch through our website.

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What Charity Types Are These Cards For?

“We publish campaigns for any type of charity, any size non-profit, any fundraising effort for any type of product including new startups and tech products.”

I really like the idea of raising money for charity without cash. It makes raising money for charity easier for both parties, the donor and organization. Once again if you would like to support Rainbow Good visit their web site:


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