Need Donations? Try Gift Card Tank

Finally an easy way to raise money for non-profits, schools, and political organizations. Introducing Need money? Gift Card Tank can help. For more details visit: https://www.giftcardtank

The process couldn’t be more simple. First, register your account, and then spread the word that you accept gift cards as donations! Gift Card Tank provides a default page you can use or you can add the form to your web page.


How Much Does It Cost?

“Gift Card Tank is a free service. The are no monthly service charges and no setup fee. Gift Card Tank will retain a fee from the proceeds of each card which will cover expenses. This fee includes shipping, processing, and any additional fees incurred as part of the transaction. As well as keeping the service online and functional.”

Find the FAQ here:

If you are a school, government, or non-profit that needs to raise money consider Gift Card Tank for your next fundraising campaign.

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  1. Jack Says:

    Gift Card Tank sounds awesome! I’m going to try them for my non-profit. Thanks for the recommendation!






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