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  • May 24, 2017
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Hello CashSherpa readers! Welcome to another blog post about a fascinating Patreon member I’ve written about before. This time he has a new venture. Pariah Enterprises is a newly established multimedia development, marketing and distribution agency founded by highly experienced writer and graphic designer, JD Maverick with the aim of providing services to people like him who don’t follow the traditional way of publications. Pariah Enterprises is a company that provides multimedia projects, to the public through various distribution channels. Media outlets include newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the Internet.

I love supporting and bringing small crowdfunding sites and small Patreon campaigns to my readers attention. Check out JD Maverick’s new page at: https://www.patreon.com/pariahe

JD Maverick On Patreon? 

JD Maverick Patreon Campaign

As a highly experienced writer who has been publishing his work on different media outlets, JD understands able the struggles and challenges many people doing creative work face when trying to get the word or their work out. After having gone through the process multiple times, JD decided to design a marketing and publication industry for people like him. It is unfortunate that due to a lack of awareness many artists, writers, and even small businesses end up missing out on the benefits media outlets can provide. In today’s day and age of technology and lower attention spans of the audience, JD believes that’s multimedia and its distribution need to evolve because playing by the traditional rules is no longer yielding the same results as they once did, therefore his agency will be focusing on multimedia development and distribution that changes and adapts to ensure that the efforts are yielding the best possible results. For creative visibility plays an important role, Pariah Enterprises will be tailoring their services and packages to meet the needs of their clients and their small marketing budgets while staying honest to their ideology of adaptive services.

“We believe that what makes us special and unique is what we say and what we do. Pariah Enterprises represent people who don’t follow the traditional way of publications. What we thrive on his and adapt or die atmosphere. Every single week, month, and the year we will strive for evolution. We will find new ways to get our message through to people who really want to open up their minds and our hearts.”

JD has been written, short stories, and science fiction novels since 2001, over the years he has learned many tricks of the trade while also changing and evolving as an author. Currently, his work is available on Wattpad. Like many journeys, it would have a name, it will be called “Second Renaissance.” JD also does a weekly podcast called “Nerve Degree.”

Get In Early

If you pledge right now for only $5/month get access to patron-only content (High Resolution PDF File), and sneak peek stories of upcoming releases. It only gets better from there, rewards wise.

JD needs your help to make a full time job out of these endeavors. He works a full-time day job that takes up most of his time. Make a pledge to J.D. Maverick today.

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