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  • July 6, 2017
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RcFlyAddict is creating RC Airplane Videos on Patreon and needs your help. RcFlyAddict is just your typical RC Airplane enthusiast, but unlike others he’s making great remote control flying videos. His specialty is model airplanes, some planes are built from scratch and others purchased. Support RcFlyAddict’s obsession which started at age 40 by the way on Patreon:

RcFlyAddict has built over 40 foam airplanes in the first four years of being in this hobby. By now he has a lot of experience in selecting RC components and choosing right setup for one’s flying vehicles. RcFlyAddict shares absolutely everything he’s learned regarding RC Airplanes with his viewers Right now his YouTube channel has 269 subscribers. The cool part about Fly Addict’s videos is they are varied, some are tutorials, while others are aerial RC flying footage. It’s not simply video being filmed standing from the ground, a lot of effort went into the production of RC’s videos. RC will even give you one on one help if you e-mail him! That alone is worth a Patreon contribution.

What Bonuses Do I Get?

With your Patreon pledge there are a plethora of bonuses to be had. For example pledge just $1 and give suggestions on topics RC should cover. Pledge $5 and get all the videos early. At $10 get mentioned in RC’s videos plus previous rewards. The total goal is $1,000 per month and he’s already received $12 of that amount.

RC Airplane Videos

Where’s The Money Going?

RC says he definitively needs good camera as all his recordings are made with mobile phone or Mobius Sports cam. This needs to change.

On RCFlyAddict’s page he’s posted the statement “Every pledge can make a BIG difference.” With Patreon that’s very true since 100% of the funds go directly to the content creator.

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