Debbie Lynn Is Creating Music Needs Patreon Support

  • July 24, 2017
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Debbie Lynn is doing something very unique in the realm of Country Music. Debbie is a transgender male to female Country Western Singer. Debbie enjoys older country music and writing her own music as well. Debbie Lynn is standing up for LGBT Rights in a way nobody has done before. She is using the platform of country music to further expand the rights of the LGBT community all over the world.

Support Debbie Lynn’s mission on Patreon:

“Through my music I will stand up for the rights for the LGBTQ because I care.”

What Are The Perks?

Donate at the $1 level and get access to Patron only content, sneak peeks, and exclusive polls. There is another $1 level where users get high quality digital downloads, behind the scenes content, and all previous rewards.

Debbie Patreon

Debbie’s Patreon page.

Watch Debbie On YouTube

The YouTube Channel has lots of videos and already over 500 subscribers.

Fans can also purchase her music on eMusic:

The idea is very unique, I haven’t heard of anyone else doing this. Expanding awareness of LGBTQ rights while playing country music. Since this is so different than what I’ve seen in traditional country music I have no doubt Debbie Lynn will get traction for this Patreon campaign. Good luck to this Patreon and Debbie’s mission.

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