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  • July 30, 2017
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Kita The Explorer is creating travel vlogs and needs your help on Patreon. Kita The Explorer would like to travel the world while saving the planet. She’s a travel adventure vlogger, travel counselor, and travel environmentalist. Support her Patreon campaign today visit:

To make Kita The Explorer’s new travel adventures a reality she wants to raise at least $20 the first month. Kita is well on her way with $14 per travel vlog. There are only a few things as exciting as travelling around the world. Kita has figured out a way to turn her passion for travel into a business and opportunity to help the planet.

See What It’s All About

It all started on Kita’s first international trip where she filmed her first vlog. She started expanding on this idea with more travel, helping the environment, and applying her skills in accounting. She does all of this which is something that no other travel vlogger does.

See Kita In Cuba!

Also, be sure to check out Kita’s “awkward conversations” video on her YouTube page, really interesting.

What Are The Rewards?

Contribute $1 and get your name in video credits. $2 gets you the vlogs early. $5 gets you featured in one of Kita’s travel courses. $10 or more gets you travel counseling, 40% off the regular price.

Kita The Explorer looks forward to changing the world through her travel vlogging journey. Support Kita today on Patreon.

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