Geeked Out Solutions Home Automation How-To’s

  • August 23, 2017
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Geeked Out Solutions is creating home automation how-to videos on Patreon. Geeked Out Solutions will help you to fully understand as well as other AI and Home Automation products. This is something very unique in the world of online video. Help support his mission at

If you don’t already know what Mycroft AI is, it’s the “World’s only open source artificial intelligence platform. Install on your desktop, build on a Raspberry Pi” or just buy their voice assistant. Once again it’s open source software so anyone can freely use and edit it. The only catch is you have to code it yourself and that’s a difficult task especially if you don’t know anything about coding. That’s where Geeked Out Solutions comes in, “Videos featured will show you how to code your own custom assistant, tie it into your home automation items, and have a open source assistant.”

Geeked Out Solutions training doesn’t stop there. He will also offer “Training content on the Open Source Home Automation solution home assistant, to automate the day to day things in your house. Other videos and articles will go over python code development, chatbots, IFTTT, and other AI related products/technology.”

Video Topics

Video topics will include literally everything you’d like an AI to do. The ultimate goal is to get funding from Patreon and turn that into a web site and more formal training materials down the road. Topics include python tutorials, mycroft tutorials, docker setup’s for mycroft and other applications, IoT home automation tools and how to’s, IFTTT recipes, and lots more. It’s amazing, I remember buying $100-$200 textbooks in college and now you can get the best, most current teaching material online for free. That’s why we as a community need to support anyone creating good content like Geeked Out Solutions.

Geeked Out Solutions

Any Rewards?

$1 gets you access to upcoming topics and give feedback, $5 per month gives you free support, access to new training, access to exclusive training, custom discord channel, and live Google handout. $10 or more per month gives you custom support, shared access to cloud mycroft, higher vote weight for new content, and two extra votes for released content. $25 gives you free troubleshooting session and access to cloud mycroft. $45 or more per month gives you free one hour mycroft session, free basic 20 conversation bot, highest support channel, own channel on Discord, and free one per month basic skill creating.

Look at all the rewards! These are some of the best rewards I’ve seen. Just look at the $45/month reward! That’s about half my cable bill and you get an expert to help you with your AI and home automation products. If this is something you’d be interested in I’d say drop your excess expenses like cable and invest in something you care about like Geeked Out Solutions. Invest in yourself for a change, invest in your future instead of sitting idle. Get them before all of Geeked Out Solutions becomes paid content.

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