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  • September 18, 2017
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Have you ever felt stuck or that you needed a change? Are you just going through the motions? Do you want to improve your fitness, health, and wellness? Do you want to be held accountable? Do you want to lose weight or learn to manage it? Are you interested in improving your wellness?
If the answer is yes to any of those questions consider supporting Jeremy Belter who is creating one million transformations on Patreon. Find Belter at:

Transform For Million

Jeremy Belter grew up in rural Minnesota where he developed an appreciation for hard work and All American values. Belter then went on to graduate from college, start a career in the fitness world, and become a business owner. He has now over 10,000 students online, but he wants to expand that influence further. The vision of 1 Million Transformations is to educate, empower, and encourage 1 million people or more to transform their lives forever. Their mission is to create content, ideas, and action plans that foster permanent transformations one person at a time. The goal is just getting started with 2 out of 100 patrons funding the ambitious campaign. Give just $1 and you will be apart of this 1,000,000 positive transformation mission.

For $1 or more per month you will get access to Patreon only content, one digital download and video, and patron only polls. $2 or more gets you quality videos, tips and ideas. $10 or more gets you a private online community, monthly patron only livestream, online program of your choice, and all previous rewards. $100 or more gets you live video hangouts, all previous rewards, one workout a month, and one video chat. $1000 or more per month gets you a transformation seminar and one day of coaching mastermind, and all previous rewards. $5000 or more per month gets you a transformation seminar and wellness retreat and all previous rewards.

Where Will The Money Go?

“The money will go to better equipment, more access and videos, website creation, online programs, improved rewards for Patrons, and most importantly to help more people “Be The Transformation”. You have a guarantee that in the end all money will be used to create and implement a bigger vision and mission.”


The world needs more Jeremy Belters. More people looking to make a positive impact on this world. More people, like Seth Godin says, not needing or “asking permission.” We need leaders taking action right now to lead society in a positive direction. Support just that type of person, donate to Jeremy Belter’s Patreon page today.

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