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  • September 22, 2017
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Usually at CashSherpa tech blog we talk about gadgets, tech, and marketing, but today we want to help someone out. Would you like to use your money for good? Impact someone directly who desperately needs financial aid? Now thanks to go fund me you have a chance to help out Victoria Roberts graduate from college. Fund her campaign:

The problem with some charities is you have no idea how the money will be used. You can go online a search reviews of the charity. For example some say 90% of the money directly goes to help someone, well what about the 10%! With GoFundMe you know your donation is direct, it will help Victoria Roberts graduate from college. 100% of the funds will go to her.

Her GoFundMe Story

“I am trying to raise enough money to cover what my loans and Financial aid doesn’t cover . I’m currently trying to get a BA in special education. I currently have two loans out of my name an unsubsidized and a subsidized. I had a scholarship from Westsound art council for $2500 and that covered the tuition that I need covered, but I can’t renew that scholarships.”

Promising College Student

That’s right, her scholarship is finished, it can’t be renewed. So where to turn next? Go Fund Me.


“It will really appreciate it if someone could help me pay for my books and my supplies and cover a small amount of my tuition. I need $5000 to cover all of this years semesters. I am currently holding a 3.0 gap and I am trying my hardest to keep it that way. Thank you for donating or not donating!”

She’s doing everything she can to graduate. Student loans, even a small scholarship, but it still doesn’t cover all the costs. She’s holding a 3.0 GPA and already successful, but just needs the tuition money to get through another year.


For a moment think like this struggling student, as Atticus Finch advises “Put yourself into someone else’s shoes.” Think about your days back in college. College is hard enough, trying to get enough money for tuition makes it even harder. Consider donating to this Go Fund Me campaign today and make sure this promising student graduates from college.


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