Need A Date? Try BOOMBAYA Dating App

  • October 12, 2017
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Are you in desperate need of a date and have already tried all the other dating apps? If the answer is yes than you need to try the BOOMBAYA Dating App. Download the app on Google Play:

Lets face it Tinder and Bumble might be an OK way to meet people, but they have extremely unengaging user interfaces. Basically the app subjugates the user to endless left or right swiping. You become a mindless dating drone, endlessly swiping on your quest to happily ever after. Once you get a match there is endless back and forth banter until the date is or isn’t set up. Where’s the fun? That’s what the new dating app BOOMBAYA is trying to solve. They are putting the fun and personality back into dating apps.


Features of the BOOMBAYA dating app include:

– Check my profile tier ie how attractive you are. Think Hot Or Not from years past. Fun yes? Scary to many, yes as well.

– Also, you can see who liked your profile.

– You will be matched with people who meet your expectations and dating standards. If you live in a city with not many available options rest assured the BOOMBAYA algorithm will do it’s best finding you the best match.

– Super Match. BOOMBAYA has a Super Match option where your potential suitor gets your message instantly.

– Rewind to last match/card.

– Have a wonderful conversation They provide cute emojis which are the best icebreaker in a chat. Have a wonderful and healthy conversation with others.

– Robust report system

Did what I just said sound like the premium version of Tinder or Bumble? With BOOMBAYA you get all this with the free version. With the BOOMBAYA A+ Plus version you get much more. Get unlimited cards and sending likes, more super matches, chat right away, unlimited rewinding last cards, location change, travel anywhere you want, unlock all people who are highly interested in you, and reset your profile tier for unlimited times.

But wait there’s more… Yes, you heard right. To all those finicky daters not satisfied with the free or A+ version there is a VIP version of BOOMBAYA. Become a VIP member and become a King or Queen of online dating. With the VIP upgrade super match is unlimited, chat right away, boost your profile tier up to 2.0x depending on your current tier and be more popular and get more matches, also, all of A+ Plus features are included.

One problem with dating apps is they simply aren’t useful if there isn’t a large enough user base. Even though this might be the case I think BOOMBAYA could take off, download test it out, see if you like it, then get your friends to join. If you live in a city like New York chances are there are enough people on there already. The team at BOOMBAYA has developed algorithm to match users who are active and minimize ghost users for a better experience. So even with less users of Tinder and Bumble, for example, BOOMBAYA has created an app that gives you a fighting chance on finding a date and makes it fun in the process. What a concept.

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